HIV Testing & Screening in Atlanta

HIV Testing, Prevention & Symptom Management

In a diverse metro area where rates of HIV/AIDS are above the national average, HIV testing in Atlanta is now more important than ever. According to latest data by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost a third of individuals with HIV are unaware of their infection. Fortunately, the past decade has seen a rapid evolution in HIV testing and treatment services, especially in metro Atlanta.

If you are particularly susceptible to HIV, the primary care provider you choose to manage your healthcare is an important decision. Working with a provider who is a certified HIV Specialist gives a clear advantage over a general primary care physician or healthcare provider. This is especially the case if your interested in HIV PrEP prevention and ongoing HIV testing in Atlanta.

With an HIV specialist certified by the American Academy of HIV Medicine, patients have access to dedicated expertise and the latest advancement in the treatment, prevention, and testing of HIV. But equally important is finding an HIV testing center in Atlanta that provides an open and non-discriminatory space that embraces individuals from all walks of life.

LGBTQ-Friendly HIV Testing

Atlanta’s LGBTQ community is especially susceptible to infectious diseases such as HIV and AIDS. Unfortunately, the options for progressive, non-judgmental healthcare and HIV testing is somewhat limited for individuals who are transgender, gay, bisexual, or are gender non-conforming. Because of this, Erin has dedicated herself to providing access to healthcare for Atlanta’s LGBTQ community, as well as to patients who seek treatment, prevention, and testing for HIV or AIDS.

The complete scope of HIV testing and screening often includes a number of comprehensive services are provided together with HIV testing.

  • Patient counseling which may include pre-test information and post-test counseling
  • Provision of the appropriate HIV treatment, prevention protocol, and care services
  • Coordination with laboratory services to ensure quality assurance and the delivery of correct HIV test results

Unlike some general primary care physicians or healthcare providers who provide HIV testing in Atlanta, Erin supports her patients through every step of the process. In addition to responding to the need for HIV testing near me in the Atlanta, Erin also supports those in need of Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP), PrEP HIV prevention, and AIDS and HIV management.

Comprehensive Care Beyond HIV Testing in Atlanta

In addition to providing HIV testing in Atlanta, patients also have access to other HIV treatments.

Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)

For individuals who have been exposed to HIV, a combination of antiretroviral medicines can be administered within 72 hours of exposure to help prevent contraction of HIV. Timing is critical, so individuals who have been exposed should not wait to see an HIV specialist.

PrEP HIV Prevention

Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, is designed for individuals who do not have HIV but are at greater risk of contracting it. By taking a prevention pill every day, PrEP works to prevent HIV from spreading. For susceptible patients in Atlanta who do not test positive for HIV, this will likely be a recommended form of prevention.

AIDS & HIV Management

For individuals who do test positive for AIDS or HIV, there are ways to effectively manage symptoms and continue leading a happy, fulfilling life. The medications used to treat HIV are called antiretrovirals (ARV). These medications are always given along with other types of ARVs and treatment protocols. This combination of HIV treatments as whole is called antiretroviral therapy (ART), and it has been proven to dramatically slow the progress of HIV and prevent secondary infections from occurring. It’s important for these individuals to receive HIV treatment immediately to best maintain their health.

Schedule an Appointment for HIV Testing in Atlanta

Interested in scheduling an appointment for HIV testing in Atlanta? Erin Everett, NP-C, AAHIVS, is an AAHIVM-certified HIV specialist who helps individuals manage and prevent AIDS/HIV. Erin has dedicated herself to providing access to healthcare for Atlanta’s LGBTQ community, as well as to patients who seek testing and treatment for HIV or AIDS. To schedule an appointment with Erin, visit the Contact page for more information.